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Who We Are

InjecTech is a privately owned company with 15 years experience in the construction industry. We are the only company to offer excavation free water control service throughout Northern Ireland. Our company has expanded over the years due to our cost effective and environmentally friendly treatment. We work alongside the building/agricultural and insurance sectors as the main or sub contractor

Our Treatment

InjecTech has the solution, within the last few years we have been able to develop a treatment which is environmentally friendly and only requires our state of the art inject system which is transported via trailer all we use is our own chemical solution mixed on site with our highly skilled employees your job will be complete.

What we do

At InjecTech we are the environmentally friendly solution to solving your water & seepage intrusion. Working within the industrial, domestic and agricultural sectors. From sourcing your problem we offer a professional highly experienced cost effective service with a lot of economic benefits! We also specialise in pond lining & river bank erosion control.


There is an increasing size in farmyards and farm machinery which is leading to stress on concrete floors / walls before InjecTech the farmers only solution to solving this problem was to excavate the surrounding grounds to access where the damage was eg: Leaking slurry tanks / leaking silo walls / leaking concrete floors / leaking shuttered walls / electrical vaults / retaining walls . This is where our trenchless technology is unbeatable in price and timescale.


With increasing population within Northern Ireland there is a high demand for new builds eg: / new factories / new underground car parks / tunnels / houses / electrical vaults / retaining walls. The problem with this being is that a lot of the groundwork’s undertaken for these new builds and a lot of shortcuts are being taken to complete projects on time and within budget. Over the past number of years InjecTech is the only company to have come up with the trenchless technology solution saving our clients loss of housing / demolition / building subsidence and landscaping removal and a lot of time and money!

Our Product In Action

Environmentally friendly solution

Over the past number of years InjecTech is the only company to have come up with the trenchless technology solution

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